Daftar Togel Singapore is a Melaka Teng Tonga production based in Singapore. The group consists of vocalist, violinist and guitar player, alongside drummer and bass guitarist. The band has been around since the early nineties. It has established itself as a renowned Singaporean export act, playing exotic traditional folk and regional music, as well as modern dance and pop music. Consisting of a unique blend of influences, Daftar Togel sings about the rich history and traditional values of Singapore, whilst at the same time creating a musical oasis from the many sounds of the city.

Daftar Togel Singapore Online


The band was formed when the lead singer, Wee Yean, was inspired by the beautiful song, “Singamajan”, (Malaysian lyrics) performed by the late Malaysian artist, Wee Li Yean. Inspired by the instrumental and rhythmic instrumental, he created his own version, which became known as “Singamajan”. The instrumental was played on the radio, which resulted in the band’s first demo. Following its success, the demo was later used on Malaysian radio, which increased their popularity in the local market.


Since then, the band has achieved multiple chart successes. In addition to “Singamajan”, the group has also written songs like “Mystic Style”, “Cameo”, “Iguana” and “Come Come Ye Blind”. They have also won multiple awards for their music, including the Best Album award at the 2021 Mela Mistry Awards. A Daftar Togel Singapore online terbaik yang bisa was recently released, featuring guest vocals from artists such as Low Tongue Smith, Jazzy Jeff and Khyma.


A feature-packed and colorful discography, packed full of both traditional and modern beats, makes this band a favorite among young audiences. Music videos for their songs can be viewed online. The Daftar Togel Singapore discography can be considered as a visual feast, which features some of the most beloved songs from the group. While some of their earlier albums have been commercial flops, A Daftar Togel Singapore is well-received by critics and fans alike.


A Daftar Togel Singapore member, Zita Surabaya, handles the marketing of the band and its website. She has handled various marketing projects for her music acts in the past, most notably her attempts at launching a music label and a CD release party. It was through an event hosted by Zita that the band finally gained a foothold in the national spotlight. This marked the first step in establishing a name for itself in the local market, and Daftar Togel continued with a string of such major events until recently. Now, with its second album “Singam Daftar Togel”, the group looks set to further expand its fan base.


A Daftar Togel Singapore member, Jazzy Jeff, is also well-known for his rapping skills. His single “Sorry” was released in 2021 and became one of the biggest hits of the decade. He is also an active member of various other hip-hop and rap groups in the region, including the likes of crews and crewcuts. Known for his energetic vocals and guitar work, Jeff’s popularity has soared in recent times, and he is now BANDA (bum label) certified. A Daftar Togel member, Jazzy is also well-known for hosting his own radio station Koffy’s on Singam Daftar Togel Online Togel, where he regularly performs popular songs.


Another member of Daftar Togel Singapore, Agen Judi, is known for her energetic vocals and guitar work. She is also one half of the very popular band, Sia. In addition to her solo work, she has formed a band called Jazzy Jeff and The Soulmates, which she fronts. On top of that, she has also been spotted acting on television shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show and Dateline, among others.


As a member of Daftar Togel Singapore, Telah was noted for her strong vocals. However, her band, Telah took a different approach compared to her former band, Sia. She went on to form her own band, named after her native town in Singapore, Telah Aire. Air is known for its heavy metal sound, featuring traditional music, metalcore, and pop.

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