1. TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS RIGHT AWAY – Prospects don’t like sales people passing along phony friendliness. Be professional immediately and state your name ie: “Kate, this is Brandon Schaefer calling, please call me at (800) 123-4567.” Your position and company name are irrelevant in a voicemail. Remember, you are only trying to get the prospect to call you back live.
2. STATE ANY REFERRALS UPFRONT – The single best way to raise a prospects ear is to mention the name of a trusted business associate. State the trusted business associate’s name immediately after your own quick introduction ie: “Kate, this is Brandon Schaefer calling, Ethan Ellis from All State Insurance suggested I call you. Ethan stated we might be a good fit, please call me at (800) 123-4567.”
3. ALWAYS DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU CALL – Research the prospects website or similar companies and reference them on the phone ie: “I am currently working with other Insurance firms and I know they are currently struggling with… are you looking to become compliant as well?” or “I was viewing your website and noticed…”
4. STATE A VALUE PROPOSITION THAT IS OF INTEREST TO THE PROSPECT – Talk about business outcomes that your organization can deliver and make sure the value proposition benefits the prospect directly. Don’t waste time speaking about the exact product name or service, use business terminology instead ie: “We save companies up to 65% on insurance rates by grouping large organizations together, will giving you the ability to present the savings to your organization benefit you?”
5. KEEP IT FRESH / DISCUSS NEW INFORMATION / MENTION RELEVANT NEWS – Talk about information that can help eliminate problems and immediately impact the prospect’s business. Has your business compliance law changed, higher interest rates or corporate downsizing occurred. Mention the relevant event and let the prospect know this is why you are calling.Share the latestwww.ufabet industry trends and technology updates ie: “We recently took a survey of the top CEO’s primary concerns and found that… do any of these relate to your business environment?” or “I have some ideas on how to increase productivity and lower operating expense.”
6. SOUND AND ACT LIKE A TRUSTED ADVISER OR PEER – Prospect’s like sellers who bring value to the relationship and know what they are talking about, become an expert in your industry. Speak to the prospect as if you are calling a peer with a new business idea.
7. REFERENCE A WRITTEN SCRIPT – Use an outline, you don’t want to get stuck rambling on. The maximum time for a voicemail is 30 seconds, so select your words properly and get it right the first time. Roll play and practice with friends to perfect the art of the 30 second voicemail.

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