north london construction companyA SMALL North London property developer backed by an Irish couple has been selected to construct the new 75 million-piece Aquatics Centre for the London 2021 Olympics. The announcement was made today in the High Wycombe area of the city. The scheme is being designed by Irishman John Combs and his partner, Anne Twomey. They will take over the entire design and are based in Runcorn.


A SMALL North London commercial construction company run by two young Irish men is the apparent surprise bidder in the tender to build the new Aquatics Centre. Ardmore, run by younger brothers Cormac and Pat Byrne, was promoted north london construction company to that role by the London Olympic Delivery Authority (LDA), it says in its latest edition. It is understood that the firm has no links to the Olympic Park in London but is bidding on the contract as a subcontractor. The brothers have previously worked on regeneration projects in Glasgow.


The new venue at Runcorn is expected to create a number of jobs for local residents. There are also expected to be around one hundred people employed by the private equity group behind the project. The company says that it is committed to creating a positive outcome for all those involved in the project, particularly local residents. The firm says that it will continue to work with the LDA during the running of the project.


Earlier this year, another small commercial construction firm had secured a deal to transform a part of Earls Court into a six hundred thousand square foot office building. The developer is due to start work later this year. When completion is complete, it is expected to provide more than three hundred permanent jobs to the north of London. These will include positions in the finance and administration departments as well as roles at the project’s two main sites – Crossrail in South London and UK headquarters.


The north of London is seeing a large regeneration boom. Many of the projects being planned or already in process are centred upon the regeneration of North West London. One major regeneration project in particular is expected to attract investment from London’s richest investors. This private equity group is understood to be looking at a number of high-rise towers in the area including the coveted retail park at Shoreditch. If the scheme is brought forward as planned, it could attract millions of pounds worth of investment.


This regeneration boom comes at a time when London property is valued at what is considered to be its lowest point in many years. The values are thought to be influenced by the ongoing negotiations regarding the UK’s exit from the European Union. Negotiations are expected to take several years, which could see the creation of many new jobs in the north of London as well as a sharp increase in property values across the region. In the short term, investors are keen to take advantage of the low prices. To this end, new build projects are proving popular with those wanting a piece of London’s history as well as the future.


To this end, investors are advised to take time out to review offers from different contractors and find the one that best suits their needs. To that end, a recruitment consultancy can help to pair up potential investors with an experienced construction firm that has the right skills and experience to bring the project through to completion. A recruitment consultancy will also be able to keep tabs on the progress of the project, which allows investors to stay apprised of progress and the progress of their chosen company. They may also be able to negotiate a better deal on the overall value of the project and be able to secure funding at a later stage.


Finding the right project is vital for investors. This will ensure that they are able to recoup as much money as possible while having as little impact on the environment as possible. By consulting with a professional firm, investors can choose a project that is suited to their needs. They can then get the work done while having minimal impact on the environment.

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