In response to growing businesses requiring just basic leasing management solutions, such as reservation tracking, contact management and account maintenance, available SOFT4 leasing Basic program. This convenient and easy-to-use suite is also ideal for any business with a moderate to low lease volume (between five and ten thousand leases). Available as desktop-based and Internet-based software solutions, this flexible leasing management solution is easy to install and customize for your specific needs, and works seamlessly with existing systems. No additional licensing is required to use the program – just sign a one-time authorization and your computer will be automatically upgraded to the latest version.

leasing management solution


Whether you are looking for a simple leasing management solution for your office, or a full-featured leasing software solution for a medium to large business with thousands of leases, SaaS leasing is the perfect choice. Offering end-to-end business automation for every aspect of leasing management from scheduling to billing to inventory control and more, SaaS leasing offers the full spectrum of leasing functions at a one-stop solution for all your leasing needs. From tracking tenant inventory to managing accounts payable, SaaS leasing is designed to streamline processes so you can focus your time and attention on your core business functions.


If you have an existing property management software application, SaaS leasing is an excellent complement. The flexible and convenient leasing management solution provides a full range of advanced features to make your property and leasing processes easier and more efficient. Additional features include automatic tenant payment collection, property maintenance and budgeting, renewal reviews, tenant ledgers and advanced leasing automation including tenant credit card charging capabilities. All these features are available in a cost-effective, yet feature-rich leasing management solution.


For the most effective property management software, you need a robust leasing management application. Rental software must be able to maintain and track a large number of leads, maintain contacts with multiple tenants, manage lease files and generate reports. It must provide timely and accurate leasing information, so that operations can be streamlined. Leasing managers must also be able to create and review leasing agreements, review tenant’s lease agreements, and manage payments and auctions. In addition, an effective leasing management application should be capable of collecting and storing client information such as credit applications and bank statements, and integrate seamlessly with other software applications.


Today’s top rental software providers offer their leasing management solutions with powerful features such as automatic leasing contracts, tenant payment collection, leasing bill consolidation and renewal reviews. They also offer online tenant payment collection. Automatic leasing contract signing eliminates the tedious process of manually entering all tenant names and amounts for a new lease. Tenant payment collection simplifies the complex process of collecting late payments from tenants.


Comprehensive leasing information systems include comprehensive lease information, including inventory levels, condition, lease expiration dates, and renewal dates. Tenants receive essential communications, including automatic email notifications regarding lease modifications. They are also provided with detailed photos of the property, tax information and leasing terms. The software provides a fully automated leasing process for fast leasing processes and reduced claims.


The best leasing management software is flexible and requires minimal training. It streamlines the leasing process and offers an easy to use, tailored approach for each individual property. It offers superior analytical tools, so that leasing decisions are based on precise, real-time information. It is designed to meet the unique needs of landlords and operators.


Leasing solutions provide a hassle-free, data-driven leasing system. It includes core modules such as leasing management solution, property management solution, and leasing schedule management. Other useful modules include leasing policies, market analysis, financial modeling, and tenant relations. Other modules include tenant relations tools, leasing transition services, and property management tools. All these enable the leasing management solution to deliver the best results to its clients.

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