Women’s magazines are available at every bookstall and newsstands. A wide range of them are also available for men, but it is to be kept in mind that the ones that are published for women do specifically have contents matching according to their mindset only. Magazines on weddings, interior decorations, dress designing, and photography are some topics and themes that have also gained good amount of popularity among the women.

Most of the renowned magazines available internationally are published from the UK and the US. However, other than these places there are certain other places in this world, which publish extremely niceones. One such place is Australia. It is the country which has been renowned for its development in the sports of Cricket. The kangaroos are said to have evolved from this space in the world. However, our main motto is not to describe about the country of Australia Elisa Gayle Ritter. What I want to focus on is the wide range of magazines that are published from this place. Not only published, but are distributed throughout the world. The standards and quality of these reading materials are really fine and match international standards.

The country publishes some highly successful women’s magazine. Let us have a look at some of these reading materials.

Girlfriend – This is a mag brand that mainly focuses on the younger and teenage women as their subscribers and readers. The inner contents features topics on careers, celebrity gossips, fashion advice, health and fitness, and most importantly news and topics related to hunks. Solutions to problems related to certain critical female issues are also featured on a specific section of the mag. This brand is a popular one among most of the young and teenage girls and is available at almost every bookstand and news stalls within the country.

Style – This brand is probably the most popular reading brand available in the entire Australia. The specialty of this mag is that each issue features interview sessions of top notch celebrities of national and international stature. Moreover, top fashion experts write columns highlighting the latest fashion trends. Fashion tips and tricks to become more presentable before men are also included in certain columns of this specific brand

With all the information available on the Internet there has been a slow decline in newspaper sales, and even a decline in those who get their news on television, because the Internet has made it very easy to access information at the click of a button. However, magazines have stood their ground against the electronic information takeover. Maybe it is due to their sexy and sometimes exotic cover models, perhaps it is because of the celebrities they feature, or maybe it is because of the reliable articles about current and interesting topics that continue to make them appealing. Women magazines and men magazines in particular have maintained their popularity and appear to be immune to the Internet coup d’état.

There are a number of women magazines from which to choose. There are the glamorous ones that feature make up tips, advice on what to wear and when to wear it, and how to please your man. These magazines often have a beautiful woman on the cover, or a famous movie star. Two of the most popular of these types are Cosmopolitan and Vogue. There are other magazines geared toward women that feature parenting tips, recipes, and overall advice on important subjects. These include Women’s Health, Redbook, and Parents. Still there are many others that meet the interests of a particular population of women, such as Bride’s and Runner’s World.

When it comes to men magazines, the choices are just as plentiful and just as diverse. For the sports enthusiast there is Sports Illustrated and Golf Digest. For those interested in cars or motorcycles there are Popular Mechanics and Car and Driver. For the more sophisticated man interested in current news and contemporary features, there is GQ, Esquire, and Maxim. Of course, some of these publications come with their fair share of gorgeous females poised on the cover, or as tempting centerfolds.

With all of these choices in women magazines and men magazines it sometimes becomes expensive to regularly purchase your favorite ones at the cover price. Therefore, it is a lot more beneficial to your pocketbook to search for regular monthly subscriptions that offer huge savings. There are many online sites that offer over eighty percent off the cover price when you sign up for a yearly subscription to any magazine of your choice. Not only are you getting a substantial savings, but also you will not miss out on any edition that could possibly become a collector’s item.

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