There is a current trend away from costly and potentially harmful medications to lower blood cholesterol levels in adults. A family of drugs called statins has been regularly subscribed for high cholesterol. These drugs are highly effective for some people, and cause harmful side effects and liver damage for others. There is another way. Following a healthy eating plan designed to lower your cholesterol has been quite effective when paired with exercise and weight loss in overweight adults. If your cholesterol has been found to be high, but not quite high enough to warrant medication, now is the time to begin your healthy eating plan. Let’s look at what you should be eating to lower your cholesterol naturally without drugs Bauchfett verlieren.

Lose the Saturated Fat

Changing to a healthy eating plan without saturated fats will be the first step in lowering your cholesterol without medication. Avoid foods like egg yolks, fatty meats and full-fat dairy products. There are egg-white only products available, non-fat or low-fat dairy and lean meat protein to eat instead. Substitute olive oil and other cold-pressed monounsaturated fats for butter and lard. Prepare food by broiling or baking and avoid frying meats in their own fats. This is the beginning of your healthy plan. Other good fats are found in foods like avocados, nuts and seeds. Just a handful of raw almonds will give you good fat, satisfy your snack craving and can be a satisfying part of your healthy eating plan.

Lose the Body Fat

A healthy plan to lower your cholesterol level will contain many high fiber foods. Fiber attaches itself to fat in your body and eliminates it through your GI tract. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Another great result of eating high fiber foods is weight loss. For overweight people, losing excess weight will also lower blood cholesterol levels. This important part of your healthy eating plan will have added benefits of reducing your risk for other medical problems such as diabetes, stroke and hypertension while it further reduces your risk for cardiovascular disease and heart attack.

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