Though I have been blogging and writing articles over a period of two years online, I have never had the thrill of getting published in a print magazine But I was not unduly worried, because I knew pretty well that getting published in a print magazine is not that easy. I have also read and heard umpteen numbers of stories from my fellow writers, about their query letters and repeated rejections of their articles.

But recently I experienced the thrill of getting published in a print magazine in Canada, ‘Victoria Street News’, dated December, 9 Th, 2009. When the publisher mailed a copy to me, I was thrilled to see that my story titled ‘The Ruminations of a Cow’ is going to be published in the 10 the page of the News Paper; I was elated. I never thought that I could achieve my ambition of getting published in a print magazine so soon in my writing career.

But it was a sheer accident. Thanks to Facebook, one of the social book marking sites, in which I had been sharing my articles all these years. Thanks to my friend Janine, who read my articles in the Face Book and advised me to send my articles to her e-mail id so as to consider them for publication in their news paper.

I immediately sent a couple of my articles, which I considered most worthy and different. After a month I received a feedback from the publisher expressing only thanks for my articles. Then, after a few weeks, I received a message from the newspaper, wherein I was informed that my article ‘Ruminations of a Cow’ had been chosen for publication, during the month of November, 2009.I received yet another message in October, 2009, stating that since they had a volley of submissions from the native people living in the surrounding area, they postponed the publication of my article to December, 2009.I got a little bit nervous, but I did not lose hope.

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