Credit repair is a growing industry as more consumers are discovering the negative impact that bad debt can have on their credit standing. Credit repair software allows consumers to quickly improve their Credit rating and correct mistakes and erroneous information in their credit history. Consumers may be surprised by how much better their credit rating has improved after repairing the errors with the help of credit repair software.

Before choosing a credit repair company or program it is important that you find out if the company will update your credit report. It is the law creditrepair to have your credit report periodically examined for accuracy. Unfortunately, many of the credit repair companies do not offer this service or charge for it. If you find one that does, be sure to ask if they will send a letter to each of the credit reporting agencies informing them that an error has been found in your file.

Most of the credit repair customers I speak with say that they prefer to use a software tool that checks the three major credit bureaus. The three bureaus are Transunion, Experian and Equifax. They are required by law to provide you with copies of your reports yearly. Many people find that spending just a few minutes checking each of the bureaus online greatly improves the quality of their credit information.

A word of caution to those considering paid to use credit repair services. The negative inaccuracies found may not be your fault. Many times there are legitimate reasons that your score could be low. For example, being late with a utility payment, making a big purchase such as a car, forgetting to pay student loans can all have an affect on your score. If the negative item on your report is legitimate, a good credit repair service can help you raise it.

A final word of advice: before hiring a credit repair service or program make sure they have been in business for several years. There is little evidence that a credit repair company can improve the speed at which you raise your credit score. If you have a legitimate negative item, one that cannot be disputed, it can take many months to get it removed from your report. A good professional knows that this is a long process and one that he or she must plan around. Be sure that the firm you choose will tell you how many negatives they consider as well as any steps they take to fix them.

In conclusion, it appears that credit repair companies work. Those with poor credit scores who are having difficulty getting approved for new lines of credit are benefitting from the increased interest rates as well as the clear view that the financial reporting bureaus are providing them. Those who are concerned about the accuracy of their negative information should also take advantage of improved credit reports. Repairing poor credit scores takes a bit of time but the end result will allow you to enjoy the same benefits that other consumers are enjoying.

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