Mink lashes, well written this article to blow it all down for you and what exactly the different kinds of false eyelashes are and how they vary from each other. Mink and silk lashes are usually the most well known. Mink lashes are very well made with real mink hair, they also have an extremely natural look to them which you can’t get from other false eyelashes. The milk used to make them were taken from the fur of an albino mink of cow. Although they look very similar to their natural appearance you can tell that these lashes are not the kind you would find at your local supermarket.

mink lashes


To start the explanation of the different varieties of false lashes, we shall have to know a little about the two main types, Mink and Silk. The main difference between the two is that silk lashes do not have any glands in them which means that they do mink lashes not cause any irritation or even allergic reactions. On the other hand mink lashes do have a tiny bit of glandular tissue in them which allows them to trap moisture, but they do so without causing any unsightly build-up.


So which one do you want? It really is up to you. If you are someone who has a lot of allergies then silk mink lashes may be the way to go for you. They give you a good natural fur look which is very important for anyone who is allergic to animal fur. Mink minks however are great if you like a more natural look.


There is one important point though, when using mink lashes or any other type of mink lash extensions you have to make sure that they do not fall out. Mink extensions are supposed to stay in place for the long term so make sure that they last as long as you are going to need them to. Mink minks tend to be more expensive than regular mink lashes but the benefits they offer to your appearance and your skin is well worth the extra cost. When applying the extensions regularly you will notice that the lashes will cling to your natural fur for longer at first until they become used to being stuck to your skin this will happen rather quickly. Mink lash extensions are the best thing since sliced bread!


Whenever you put these on you want to try and wear them in the most comfortable way possible. This means that you may want to wear the mink lashes overnight and sleep with them on. You should also use a cotton band underneath so they don’t fall off. This way you don’t wear them whilst driving or carrying heavy objects, whilst you can just remove them for travel. If you do decide to remove them whilst driving you should make sure that you use a comfortable pair of eyeglasses so you don’t strain yourself.


The other reason that mink lashes cost more is because they are made from an expensive type of fur. Mink is one of the rare types of hair that is completely white, with no black spots or patches. If you like black and white cats then the colouration in the mink lashes is very similar to the real thing. As mentioned before, it is very rare and there are only about two thousand of these lashes available in the world which means that you are highly unlikely to come across any of these at your local beauty store. The cost of genuine mink lashes is much higher than the cost of imitations.


Having said that, there are some advantages to buying mink lashes on the higher price point. They tend to last longer than your average false eyelashes. Mink is also considered to be one of the hardest animals to care for which means that they are more likely to last than other synthetic lashes. These last longer but they do not last as long as natural looking false eyelashes.


In conclusion, buying mink lashes on the high end of the price scale may be justified if you want something that will last. On the other hand, if you just want false eyelashes that look like mink then you would be better off spending a little bit less on cheaper synthetic eyelash extensions. There is nothing wrong with buying them as a treat as you would probably never notice the difference anyway. It really depends on what you are looking for and how much you can afford. There are so many different options available to women today, it is impossible to know what your needs are until you have seen what is available.

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